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Watch pink Lasers mild Up NASA's Parker solar Probe in check

Le 10 January 2018, 11:24 dans Humeurs 0

NASA's Parker photo voltaic Probe — so they can fly closer to the solar than any spacecraft in heritage — these days handed a crucial prelaunch verify of its solar panels with flying shades. neatly, one color, in selected: Researchers used pink 10mw laser pointer at NASA's Goddard space Flight core to investigate the probe. 


Coincidentally, the pink hue of the 20mw green laser pointer recalls Pantone's 2018 color of the yr, a regal hue dubbed extremely Violet via the Pantone colour Institute. Aptly enough, the business's executive director, Leatrice Eiseman, talked about in an announcement that the color,suggests the mysteries of the cosmos, the intrigue of what lies ahead and the discoveries beyond where we are actually." NASA's Parker Solar Probe Mission to the Sun Infographic


Engineers exhaust crimson powerful blue laser to examine the photo voltaic panels on NASA's Parker photo voltaic Probe.

credit: NASAJohns Hopkins APLEd Whitman

aimed toward the spacecraft's photo voltaic array, the red 1000mw laser pointer helped researchers determine that the forty four strings of photo voltaic cells on each and every panel are nonetheless electrically related, following vibration and acoustic checking out performed prior this autumn, according to an announcement from NASA. The vigorous noise and shaking helped simulate start situations that the probe will endure when it takes off from Cape Canaveral Air force Station in Florida on July 31, 2018. 


The spacecraft will study the ejections of material and light that create."solar climate," and support scientists more suitable take into account probably the most mysteries of our nearest megastar, similar to why its ambiance is hotter than its floor.


significantly, the panels will supply the vigor for the probe's sojourn in area. The laser checking out became achieved the week of Nov. 27, led by way of engineers at the Johns Hopkins utilized Physics Lab in Maryland, which is constructing the spacecraft and may operate it all the way through its mission.


These exams consume 5000mw laser pointer as a result of their tight beams enable the illumination of a single string of solar cells at a time, based on the observation. The color of a laser beam is determined by the wavelength of mild that composes it. The engineers took place to have pink 10mw green laser pointer without difficulty available, and the solar cells operate correctly at that wavelength, in accordance with the statement. 


The examine also employed infrared strongest laser pointer, which are invisible to the human eye. 


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Green Laser Pointer

Green Laser Pointer


Blue Laser Pointer

blue laser pointer

Red Laser Pointer

red laser pointer

Purple Laser Pointer

Purple Laser Pointer

Apple Will Use the Rear Laser System on the IPhone 8

Le 14 July 2017, 08:41 dans Technologie 0

The news about the iPhone 8 came again, this time there are reports that Apple is for the iPhone 8 to achieve a special 40mw laser pointer system can be used to enhance the practical application and faster and more accurate focus function.

red laser pointer

In contrast to the rumors of previous front-end 3D sensing cameras, today's reports suggest that Apple will deploy the VSCEL technology for rear-facing cameras. The system can calculate the depth of the object by calculating the laser time to calculate the depth of the object information, you can get very precise depth of projection data, which for AR applications, and now by the iOS 11 ARKit built AR applications are based on iPhone's iSight camera.

In addition, the report also mentioned that the rear laser transmitter can also help to achieve faster and more accurate auto focus function, a similar system can generally be seen in digital SLR cameras, but in such as smart phones such as small size equipment Did not appear.

The source says that Apple has commissioned Lumentum to provide the vast majority of VCSEL 60mw laser pointer components, and the rest is provided by Finisar and II-VI. The laser time-of-flight sensor is expected to come from STMicro, Infineon or AMS. Similar to Apple's other major parts, Apple may also get components from LG Innotek, STMicro, AMS, or Foxconn.

Excimer Lasers

Le 27 June 2017, 14:08 dans Technologie 0

2016 is not the best year for laser sales of materials for processing. While China in the brutal high power laser pointer market to achieve a fierce competition, and several Chinese laser manufacturers are out of the market.

Kiln-class materials processing lasers revenue grew 4% in 2016, but as most users who need fiber lasers already have these lasers, the trend towards fiber lasers instead of carbon dioxide lasers seems to have drastically slowed. Microfabrication processing lasers revenue grew 22% in 2016; in this area, almost all of the laser revenue growth came from two sub-applications: increased material processing and flat panel display manufacturing.

The revenue for lasers for increased material production, despite its rapid growth, is still relatively limited, accounting for only 4.5% of all microfabricated laser revenues. On the other hand, the construction of OLED display laser revenue in 2016 to achieve the explosion growth, accounting for almost one-third of the micro-material processing laser revenue. By contrast, in 2015, the application of laser revenue was less than half of 2016.

In addition, it should also be noted that Coherent (Coherent) is the only manufacturer of excimer lasers for this application, which is absolutely beneficial to the company. In January 2016, the company's share price was about $ 65 per share. As of December that year, the stock price of up to 137 US dollars per share, and in June 9, 2017, the stock has more than 249 US dollars per share.

What is the reason for the growth of the demand for excimer lasers, and how long will this demand trend last?

OLED industry executive director Barry Young explained that the growth of excimer 3000mw laser pointer demand and smart phones from the LCD screen to the OLED directly related to the change. As Apple uses OLED displays on its iPhone 8, coupled with the growing use of these OLED screens by many smartphone manufacturers, including many Chinese smartphone manufacturers, has caused this trend to a large extent.

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