The news about the iPhone 8 came again, this time there are reports that Apple is for the iPhone 8 to achieve a special 40mw laser pointer system can be used to enhance the practical application and faster and more accurate focus function.

red laser pointer

In contrast to the rumors of previous front-end 3D sensing cameras, today's reports suggest that Apple will deploy the VSCEL technology for rear-facing cameras. The system can calculate the depth of the object by calculating the laser time to calculate the depth of the object information, you can get very precise depth of projection data, which for AR applications, and now by the iOS 11 ARKit built AR applications are based on iPhone's iSight camera.

In addition, the report also mentioned that the rear laser transmitter can also help to achieve faster and more accurate auto focus function, a similar system can generally be seen in digital SLR cameras, but in such as smart phones such as small size equipment Did not appear.

The source says that Apple has commissioned Lumentum to provide the vast majority of VCSEL 60mw laser pointer components, and the rest is provided by Finisar and II-VI. The laser time-of-flight sensor is expected to come from STMicro, Infineon or AMS. Similar to Apple's other major parts, Apple may also get components from LG Innotek, STMicro, AMS, or Foxconn.